Why Don’t People Comment On My Posts?

I love it when people comment on my blog. My blog buddy Jason nails it. Please tell me if my blog is annoying, boring or exciting. Don’t care what, let’s talk.

HarsH ReaLiTy

1 – You didn’t ask them to. You may be surprised what a simple “please leave your comment” at the end of a post will do. Humans are easily swayed by suggestive control. This is what advertisers do daily by pushing products towards us that we want to buy, eat, and use. Ask a few well placed questions that will draw a reader in and not push them out with your knowledge.

2 – You didn’t put a bunny photo. Seriously. Where is your photo? I fought it. For the longest time I refused to add a photo because writers write and photographers take pictures of immovable objects. I learned that you have to put something and do you know what makes the best featured image? A logo that is YOURS. People have “readers” that often are just as crowded as the WordPress reader. A logo of yours on each…

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