My Daily Rant

Some of you might not care for the language but the ideas and thoughts are right on.

HarsH ReaLiTy

Disclaimer: If you hate foul language don’t read this post.

STOP GOING TO NORTH KOREA YOU FUCKING IDIOTS! – I am South Korean. I get the urge to want to free our brothers and sisters from that fat fuck up North. Unfortunately the current ideology behind gaining publicity for this cause is failing. STOP going to North Korea just to get captured and hope someone comes and rescues your ass. Millions of North Koreans risk their lives, torture, and the lives of their families to escape down South and you morons want to sneak into that country? For what? To tell us “YEP, things are still bad here!” We know that already you idiots.

Telling the truth isn’t fear mongering people. Fear mongering is when your commercial ends in “Usage of this drug could cause sudden death, coma, your penis to fall off, and possible visions of clowns.” Now that……

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